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Sioux County Democrats

The Sioux County Democrats are the political party of inclusion because, like America itself, Iowa is a diverse state of people, nationalities and faith. Our elected leaders come from various backgrounds and professions, each of them motivated by a strong sense of community and a desire to get things done on behalf of the people of Iowa.

Below are the members of the Sioux County Democrats Central Committee who are working to make Iowa a better place to live:

Anita Cirulis.jpg

Anita Cirulis

Elizabeth Holtrop.JPG

eth Holtrop

Elizabeth also serves as the Sioux County Democrats Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair and as a member of the Iowa Democratic Party’s DEI and Rules Committees  

Verlyn De Wit.jpg

Verlyn De Wit

Avatar 100

Beth Bunkers

Nancy Dykstra_edited.jpg

Nancy Dykstra

Greta Grond_edited.jpg

Greta Grond

Central Committee Members

Name, Precinct

  • Murray Andersen, Alton, Nassau

  • Sharon Bouma, Sioux Center No. 3

  • Jimmy Bouma-Holtrop, Sioux Center No. 3

  • Dan Cain, Ireton, Center, Eagle E, Reading, Washington E

  • Ginger Culpepper, Sioux Center No. 1, Welcome

  • Scott Culpepper, Sioux Center No. 1, Welcome

  • Kellie Den Hartog, Rock Valley No. 2

  • Diana Gonzalez, Orange City No. 1/Holland SW

  • Greta Grond, Hull/Lincoln

  • Laura Janssen, Sioux Center No. 2

  • Theo Jongerius, Orange City No. 1, Holland SW

  • Luan McQuown, Capel, Grant, Lynn, Sheridan

  • Paula Meendering, Capel, Grant, Lynn, Sheridan

  • Jen Schon, Orange City No. 2, Holland SE

  • Dana Van Ostrand, Orange City No. 2, Holland SE

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