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Issues To Consider

"Citizenship is a tough occupation that obliges the citizen to make his/her own informed opinion and stand by it."

- Martha Gellhorn



Our future depends upon our children and a workforce that is well educated. The cost of higher education must be addressed for a better tomorrow.


Health Care

Democrats believe that improving the health of our citizens and providing compassionate care should never be a political game. We offer stark differences from the GOP.


Quality Jobs

We support good-paying jobs that prioritize the rights of workers and provide a real financial boost to our communities.



We strongly believe in climate change and the urgent need to address this global issue. Iowans deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and grow food and crops in soil that is free of unnecessary chemicals.


Crime & Justice

Democrats want safe communities and schools for every Iowan, regardless of income or social status. We support the fair and unbiased administration of justice, and we proudly stand with our law enforcement officers and first responders.


Voting Rights

There is no action that a citizen of the United States can take that has a more vital role in sustaining our democracy than voting. Democrats strongly believe that every legal vote should count and that the state government should do everything possible to ensure and protect that right.

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Taxes & the Budget

Democrats believe that we should balance our budget and ensure the priorities of working Iowans are represented and funded by that budget.

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